Dr. Ben Witherington on American Pharoah

A great post by BW3, who lives in Lexington, KY and has raised horses. Check it out and watch the Derby and Preakness races again.

The race was close in the Kentucky Derby, too close to prevent heart palpitations here in Kentucky, but finally he puts his challengers behind him. The Preakness was a different story. Pharoah likes a sloppy track and loves the rain. He was a runaway winner at the Preakness. Horse racing is a funny sport. You don’t have to have qualified for the Derby to run in the Belmont. It would be like a team skipping the first round or two of the playoffs and then showing up in the finals. That’s what some of the horses running today did, and some took the Preakness off after the Derby. Not Pharoah. He said “Bring it on. I’ll take on all comers.” Horses have personalities. We ought to know, we had Arabians and raised one too. We did our Kentucky thing when our girls Christy and Yuliya loved to ride. I wish they could have been here today to celebrate this. Christy however is probably in the horse part of heaven smiling. Pharoah is a horse with a huge heart, and he likes people. He’s friendly like the best pet ever. He’s not snotty and snippy like some horses. He’s gregarious. I hope someone gives him a mint julep after this race, as he has earned it.

Read it all (and watch the Derby and Preakness)