On Ohio State’s Thank You Letter to Michigan QB Devin Gardner

Great letter. Great show of class in an increasingly classless society. Kudos to Gardner. Go Bucks!

16487194-mmmainHere’s the full text of the letter:

“I write, simply, to thank you for the inspiration you are and the class you showed as you consoled J.T. Barrett when he was injured this afternoon in your game against the Buckeyes.

“The Ohio State-Michigan game is important, but it pales in comparison to the humanity you displayed during that moment.

“As I think you know, J.T. Barrett has been an inspiration to the Buckeyes squad this season, coming in as he did when Braxton Miller was injured. He’s performed with maturity and poise well beyond his years. I suspect it’s been guys like you who have been his role models.

“You are an extraordinary young man and your example of sportsmanship and true humanity to thousands of young (and older) people this afternoon was, in my opinion, worth far more than any football statistics.

“Thank you again for showing us all how it should be done.”

Read it all.