Albert Mohler: It’s Back—The “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” and the State of Modern Scholarship

Well, it’s Holy Week and Easter’s coming. Time for more sensationalist tripe to appear in the media that purports to disprove Christianity and stuff. Surprise, surprise. Mohler does a thorough job of demolition in his piece, not of this particular scrap of papyrus but of the state of modern scholarship. See what you think.

Gospel_of_Jesus_Wife-300x197Heresy is not an abstract issue — it is a denial of the truth that leads to salvation.

That’s why Christians can never respond to heresy with indifference. As the late Harold O. J. Brown observed, “the important thing about heresies is the fact that they are not just permissible variations, options, or choices, but by their very nature so undermine Christian faith that they may well render salvation unattainable for the one who makes the mistake of embracing them.”

So much of what is presented as modern biblical and theological scholarship is an effort to destroy the very idea of orthodox Christianity and to erase all distinctions between orthodoxy and heresy. That is why so much attention is devoted to marginal issues of scholarship like this tiny fragment of papyrus. The “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” tells us nothing about Jesus and very little, if anything, about early Christianity. It tells us a great deal about modern scholarship, however — and that is the real message of this controversy.

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