Fox News: UT Backs Professor in Battle with Gay Blogger

This is really troubling and scary stuff. The militant homosexualists, as with any militants, are hellbent to stifle any dissenting opinion, even opinion based on legitimate research. These folks will resort to anything and if they are successful, we will pay dearly for it. If you care at all about real education and pursuit of knowledge, if you care about your basic freedoms, especially of thought and conscience, you had better pay attention to stories like this and be prepared to stand up to these bullies before it is too late. This isn’t Chicken Little falsely claiming the sky is falling. This is the real deal and the very foundation of our nation is at stake.

From Fox News.

The University of Texas-Austin is backing a sociology professor who came under withering attack for a study that found children of same-sex parents are more likely to be depressed or on welfare than kids raised by heterosexual couples.

The school launched an inquiry into Professor Mark Regnerus’ peer-reviewed work last month after a New York-based blogger attacked him for a controversial paper which compared the adult lives of people raised by parents in same-sex relationships to those raised by parents in traditional marriages. The study found several differences, including some that were potentially negative. But an inquiry by the school found Regnerus used sufficiently scholarly methods, university officials announced this week.

Read and reflect on the whole ugly thing.