Call for Prayer for Restraint on Rioting

From Anglican Mainstream.

Rev Paul Perkin and his son Max witnessed the looting and rioting in their parish at St Mark’s Battersea Rise on Monday night. He speaks for many areas that witnessed riots in calling for prayer.

“Pray for the restraint of further rioting tonight. The first object must be that it stops.  Pray for parents to keep their young people in.  I hear that youth workers in Croydon ( where there was also trouble) were telling the young people to go home – with some success. Pray for the police effort to gain a co-ordinated strategy. Many of the riot police had come on from North London, and for some it was their third night at this and they had not had much sleep.  It seems that they have been moved on as every fire flares up, but they come too late. Indeed if no police had arrived throughout it probably would have made little difference to the outcome.”

Go and do likewise.