More from Charles Wesley

Today I continue to feature the hymns of Charles Wesley, our featured Anglican writer and theologian this week. Read more about Wesley in Monday’s post.

Today’s hymns were written to be sung at the Eucharist. Pay attention to the rich theology in them.

Eucharistic Hymn No. 8

Come, to the supper, come,
Sinners, there is still room;
Every soul may be his guest,
Jesus gives the general word;
Share the monumental feast,
Eat the supper of your Lord.

In this authentic sign
Behold the stamp divine:
Christ revives his sufferings here,
Still exposes them to view;
See the crucified appear,
Now believe he died for you.

Eucharistic Hymn No. 66

And shall I let him go?
If now I do not feel
The streams of living water flow,
Shall I forsake the well?

Because he hides his face,
Shall I no longer stay,
But leave the channels of his grace,
And cast the mean away?

Get thee behind me, fiend,
On others try thy skill,
Here let thy hellish whispers end,
To thee I say, Be still!

Jesus hath spoken the word,
His will my reason is;
Do this in memory of thy Lord,
Jesus hath said, Do this!

He bids me eat the bread,
He bids me drink the wine;
No other motive, Lord, I need,
No other word than thine.

I cheerfully comply
With what my Lord doth say;
Let others ask a reason why,
My glory is t’ obey.

His will is good and just:
Shall I his will withstand?
If Jesus bids me like the dust,
I bow at his command.

Because he said, Do this,
This I will always do;
Till Jesus come in glorious bliss,
I thus his death will show.