Pregame Prayers at Pee Wee Football Games Are Out of Bounds, Florida Dad Says

Ah yes. Another example of the tyranny of the minority seeking to impose its will on the majority, a uniquely American issue in this Age of Political Correctness, bless our pointy little heads.

Note to Mr. Fromm. The prayers are voluntary. So is your son’s participation in them. If you find them offensive, don’t let your kid participate. But maybe that really isn’t your issue…

Football and prayer don’t belong in the same backfield, says a Florida dad who wants his hometown to stop a Pee Wee football league from having kids perform voluntary pregame prayers.

Louie Fromm, an assistant coach for the Holmes County Pee Wee Football Association, formally requested on Monday that the Vernon, Fla., City Council end the league’s traditional 50-yard-line pregame prayer ritual, alleging that his and his son’s First Amendment rights are being violated.

Read it all. What do you think?