Columbus Dispatch: Atheist Billboard Moved Off Church’s Land

From here:

An atheist billboard didn’t last long on church property on the East Side. The smiling image of Dylan Galos was accompanied by the words “I can be good without God.” It was one of seven billboards posted across Columbus last week by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to introduce central Ohio residents to their atheist neighbors…Galos, 25, who just earned his master’s degree in public health at Ohio State University, said churches have a right to decide what goes on their property. Still, “I was a little disappointed that was the reaction they had, that it was so offensive to the congregation they had it moved.”

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Every once in awhile there are stories I read with incredulity. This is one of them.

I can only shake my head in amazement and sadness for this man and his fellow atheists. I’m sure Mr. Galos really is at a loss as to why a church might take offense to a billboard on its property advocating atheism–a bankrupt, hollow, and close-minded philosophy that can lead only to death for those who advocate it because it denies the existence of the Source and Author of all life and cuts them off from it.

He might benefit from asking this question and trying to answer it honestly. How could anyone who loves the Lord and who takes seriously Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves not take offense to an advertisement that can only lead to death for those who espouse it? Never mind that the ad campaign is itself an angry reaction against religion and intolerant in its own right. Yet it is packaged as rationale, reasonable, and tolerant. Surely Mr. Galos and his fellow atheists would be better off if they understood most Christians’ reaction to stuff like this as actually an expression of love rather than being a manifestation of “unenlightened ignorance” and “intolerance,” etc., etc.