Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Twelve Things Kathy Griffin Might Have Considered

I don’t always agree with the good Father, but in this case he gets it exactly right. This nonsense has to stop, irrespective of political/philosophical leanings.

Anybody who reads this blog knows I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but the “beheading” stunt of Kathy Griffin was not only outrageous and offensive, but it was simply overwhelmingly stupid and crass.

Here are ten things Griffin might have considered before she took part in such an idiotic enterprise:

  1. By Joking About Violence You Validate It – when you make jokes about something serious. What would happen, for example, if someone were to joke about a black man being lynched? You assume the joker is okay with black people being lynched. Putting aside the fact of Trump being a duly elected president, simply joking about be heading says you think its not really a big deal. That’s dumb.

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