Ed Stetzer: Act Like Men: What It Means to Fight Like a Man

I’m glad someone is addressing this issue. Spot on. See what you think. From Christianity Today online.

45307Despite accepted cultural norms, acting like men doesn’t mean being macho, arrogant, overbearing, rude, or harsh. That’s immaturity and sin. Men are to love and serve through controlled strength. The power of godly men is wrought through the redemptive work of Christ in our hearts and lives. To be a man in our world– a biblical man– will look different than much of what passes for manhood in the world and even in contemporary Christian cultural expressions.

This is what God redeems men to be: We aren’t afraid to act like men, to be courageous and to be godly examples in our home and in our community. It means standing firm in the faith when waves crash and when the beach erodes around us and around those we are called to lead, love and protect. Being men means building the lives of those we are responsible for on the bedrock that is Christ. But that can’t happen unless our own lives are founded on Christ. So let me briefly explain some ways we must act like menregardless of our current life stage.

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