The Common Vision: The ACNA: A Church to Confront a Secular Age

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903125_490749150985901_1910601136_oEarlier today, Christian blogger Rod Dreher asked a question:  What is the best church for American Christianity in exile?  In light of Christianity being consistently sidelined and devalued here in America over issues of opposition to gay marriage among other controversies, he specifically asked for readers to contribute an argument for why they believe their own chosen church is the best “ark” in which to ride out the storm.  And so, under these parameters, here is my argument for the ACNA as Christianity’s best hope in the new century, which (I fully agree with Rod) certainly appears to be a long, secular winter.  This argument is long but I want  it to be thorough enough to be convincing.  I welcome dissent or correction in the comments as usual, but here it is:

The Anglican Church of North America is American Christianity’s best hope in a state of modern exile.  This is because it best understands that the challenges of modern exile do not proscribe the Church’s missionary vocation, instead it encourages it.  The ACNA has three things going for it that I’ll explain at length:  its missional nature inherited from the Global South, its intellectual seriousness, and a strong, battle-tested respect for biblical and ecclesiastical authority in the face of doctrinal controversy.

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