IBN Live: 100 Years of World War I: June 28, 1914 – The Day that Changed the World

Hard to believe it’s been a century since the Great War started. Are there really any coincidences?

Arrest of Gavrilo Princip, assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 1914.General Oskar Potiorek, military governor of Bosnia, assured the archduke the situation was under control, but if Franz Ferdinand thought his troubles were over, he was wrong.

After the ceremony at city hall, the 50-year-old decided to visit the hospital where people injured in the bomb attack were being treated.

But driving back along the Miljacka river, the convoy took a wrong turn up a small street on the right – named after the emperor Franz Joseph – and had to stop and turn round.

“That was a fatal error,” writer and Sarajevo chronicler Valerijan Zujo told AFP.

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