Fox News: Ultrarare Photo of Abraham Lincoln Discovered

Will the real Abe Lincoln please stand up?

newlincolnphotoHistorians rejoiced at the discovery of the second photo ever found of Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg address six years ago. The blurry photo was found by amateur historian John Richter who picked out the president on horseback saluting the troops from among a sea of faces.

Tuesday morning, with the help of improved technology, former Disney animator Christopher Oakley announced he had found Lincoln in the same crowd — only his Lincoln is a few yards to the right in front of the speaker’s stand. Richter’s Lincoln is just a top-hat-wearing doppelganger, Oakley says.

Always a joyful occasion when we find pictures of my favorite president, especially at Gettysburg, where he gave one of the speeches that defined him. Read it all.