Columbus Dispatch: Grand Jury Indicts Man Who Confessed to Killing on YouTube

George Breitmayer III, Cordle’s Columbus lawyer, said his client will plead guilty to the charge, potentially accepting an eight and one-half year prison sentence, in fulfilling the “ sincere” promise made in his video.

cordle-620“Any of the naysayers out there, they are going to find out … he didn’t do this (video) for any other purpose but to raise awareness about drunken driving and get some closure for the victim’s family,” Breitmayer said this morning.

Aggravated vehicular homicide is a second-degree felony carrying two to eight and one-half years in prison.

I touched on this in yesterday’s sermon. Of course there will be no closure for the victim’s family, even if Cordle were to be executed. Punishment of the offender, while necessary, does not typically provide closure for victims or their families. Only the family’s ability to forgive Cordle will accomplish the closure they doubtless seek. Given what needs to be forgiven here, this will obviously be a very difficult thing for them to do. Pray that the Spirit enables the family with the needed grace and power to forgive so that they can get their lives back.