Ben Witherington: Here we Go Again—Karen King Unveils ‘Jesus’ Wife’

If you prefer text over video (see my previous post), here is Dr. Ben Witherington on the latest fiasco regarding the supposedly scandalous life of Jesus in which he was really married. Our Lord’s life was scandalous alright (Paul says so himself in 1 Corinthians 1.18-25), but not exactly what those who think Jesus was married have in mind. Dr. Witherington takes this baloney to task. If you want to see what a serious biblical scholar looks like, check it out.

I enjoy fairy tales as much as the next person (see the picture on the right), and some of the best fictional early Christian stories from the late second through the early fourth century are Gnostic fairy tales. It would appear that someone has found a fragment of such a tale and handed it to Harvard Professor Karen King.

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