Ben Witherington: Behavior Doesn’t Interrupt Your Relationship with Christ: A Recipe for Disaster

From Christianity Today online.

I recently posted a piece from Dr. Rob Gagnon regarding his perceived shift in Exodus’ stance on reparative therapy for gays. Today Dr. Ben Witherington chimes in on the underlying theology behind the shift. Drs. Gagnon and Witherington both make the point that it is entirely an unloving thing for Christians to encourage folks to remain in their sin, whatever the sin is, under the guise of God’s grace. I would wholeheartedly agree.

Robert Gagnon has a right to be disturbed about Mr. Chambers’s recent pronouncements. It is not an act of compassion to encourage people to embrace a view of salvation or sexual behavior that requires less in regard to holiness than both Jesus and Paul required of us. Indeed, it is recipe for disaster.

Read and reflect on it all.