David Waddell: Uncomplicated Adult Fun…

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The Facebook campaign is “Stop marital affair .co.uk advertising publicly in the UK.” When I joined, on Saturday, there were about fifty of us. Two days later, there are now about 1,300 members. Do join if you agree with the premise.

The campaign is led by Jon Kuhrt, a father of three, who – like many others – is offended by the marketing of infidelity as “uncomplicated fun”. He complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, only to be told it would only consider complaints about advertising which offend “against widely accepted moral, social or cultural standards.” I believe the reasoning – to reject the complaint – is absurd on all three counts.

Words fail. to market adultery as uncomplicated fun represents delusional thinking at its finest and that is the most charitable thing I can think to say about this. Read it all and raise your voice against this if the Spirit so moves you..