More on the Medal of Honor Winner Dakata Meyer’s Story

From the Columbus Dispatch.

“The story of what Dakota did next will be told for generations. He told Juan they were going in. Juan jumped into a Humvee and took the wheel; Dakota climbed into the turret and manned the gun,” Obama said in the East Room last week. “They were defying orders, but they were doing what they thought was right. So they drove straight into a killing zone.”

Obama went on to describe five successive missions by Meyer and Rodriguez-Chavez that night, as they helped save the lives of 13 American and 23 Afghan troops. Five American troops and nine Afghan soldiers died in the ambush, as did many of the 50 insurgents.

However, Obama left part of the story unexplained: What happened to Rodriguez-Chavez, and why hasn’t he been awarded a Medal of Honor?

Read it all. Amazing stuff.