Mark Galli: The Problem of Christus Victor

From Christianity Today online.

Here, I’m simply suggesting that Christus Victor may not be a theory that Protestants, and evangelicals in particular, should tie their wagons to. While it brings to the fore some crucial and forgotten biblical truths, it’s clearly a secondary atonement theme in the New Testament. And at least for today’s Protestants, it has an uncanny tendency to downplay a sense of personal responsibility, which in the end, sabotages grace. In my view, more than ever in our day, we need Christus Vicarious.

A spot-on analysis and worthy of your serious reflection during this season of Lent. My favorite author and theologian, Bishop Tom Wright, comes precariously close to elevating Christus Victor over everything else and I do not agree with his position, if that is what he is doing (see, e.g., The Challenge of Jesus and Evil and the Justice of God). To be fair, however, +Tom does make the point that Christus Victor provides the broader framework into which the atonement theology of the Bible fits.

At any rate, read it all.