CT: There’s Something About Mary

From Christianity Today

Why should evangelicals pay attention to Mary?

Oden: I think it is important that evangelicals clearly affirm that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. But there is nothing unusual with that: it is a consensual, classical teaching. What is more controversial is the notion of Mary as intercessor. That is very controversial between Catholics and Protestants because in the 16th century [that teaching] had been abused. Luther never revolted against the Virgin Mary. There is no hint of that. But he did revolt or protest against abuses of Mary as intercessor.

Packer: I think we lose by not focusing on Mary. On the one hand, she is a magnificent model of total trustful devotion. She’s being told she is to fulfill the public role of an unmarried mother. Yet she says, “Be it to me according to your will.” We evangelicals ought to remember Mary for that.

Secondly, we ought to take the theology of the Magnificat seriously and celebrate Mary, the mother of the Lord, as head of the line of those who are blessed to be saved sinners.

Two giant scholars, one Methodist (Oden) the other Anglican (Packer), reflect on the Virgin Mary. Read it all.