Augustine on the Eternal Sabbath Rest

We ourselves shall become that seventh day [of Sabbath rest], when we have been replenished and restored by his blessing and sanctification [in the New Creation]. There we shall have leisure to be still, and we shall see that he is God, whereas we wished to be that ourselves when we fell away from him, after listening to the Seducer saying: “You will be like gods.” Then we abandoned the true God, by whose creative help we should have become gods, but by participating in him, not by deserting him. For what have we done without him? We have “fallen away in his anger.” But now restored by him and perfected by his greater grace we shall be still and at leisure for eternity, seeing that he is God, and being filled by him when he will be all in all.

After this present age God will rest, as it were, on the seventh day, and he will cause us, who are the seventh day, to find our rest in him. The important thing is that the seventh will be our Sabbath, whose end will not be an evening, but the Lord’s Day, an eighth day, as it were, which is to last for ever, a day consecrated by the resurrection of Christ, foreshadowing the eternal rest not only of the spirit but of the body also. There we shall be still and see; we shall see and we shall love; we shall love and we shall praise. Behold what will be, in the end, without end, For what is our end but to reach that kingdom which has no end?

City of God 22.30