‘Matchmaking’ in Middle School Angers Parents

From Fox News:

Matchmaking Web sites have become immensely popular on the dating scene for young adults, but how would you feel if your elementary school-age child was participating in surveys to find their ‘love connection?’ The Elwood Community School drama club in Elwood, Ind., is using their own matchmaking Web site for fundraising. The Web site was created by the school, and students in grades six through 10 can pay to find a compatible boyfriend or girlfriend, WISH-TV reported. Parent Michelle Everett found out about the fundraiser when she found a match survey in her 11-year-old daughter’s book bag. The fundraiser takes place without parental consent slips, like most other school fundraising campaigns.

Check it out.

I would like to hear from you parents out there. Would this make you angry? It would me for two reasons. First, the school did not seek parental permission for their children to engage in this activity. It is parents, not schools, who are primarily responsible for raising their kids.

Second, I think there is way too much pressure on kids these days to become adults before their time. Ten and eleven year old kids should be worried about kid stuff, not whether they can find a suitable honey. The “fun” of that process will come soon enough.