A Brief Reflection on Bishop Herb Thompson

I was stunned to learn yesterday that Bishop Herb Thompson died unexpectedly on 8/16. This is an immense personal loss for me because Bp. Thompson was the one who made me a postulant for Holy Orders back in December right before he retired. He warmly embraced my call to ministry and I can remember leaving his office awe-struck because it truly was a “God moment” for both my wife and me. More than anything else, God used that interview to confirm my call to me in no uncertain terms. I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

Bishop Thompson also promised me he would be at my ordination and now sadly I will have to settle for him being present in spirit rather than in body. And while I grieve his loss, I am reminded what John Stott wrote about the RIP epitaph. Christians, he argued, had no business saying this; instead, Stott argued that our epitaph should be a joyous CAD! (Christ Abolished Death) to which I can only add “Amen.”

And so I rejoice that you are enjoying the face-to-face presence of your Lord for all eternity. My sadness and grief are not about that; rather, they stem from my own sense of loss because I miss you. I am thankful God put you in my life at the time he did, and thankful for the blessed Hope that is our in Jesus Christ our Lord.

I invite you to share your thoughts and memories of Bishop Thompson here.